Regardless of what the friendly wait staff at Deny’s might tell you, there is a difference between a cup of coffee and a good cup of coffee. There is also a difference between good coffee and great coffee, and a slight (but important) difference between great coffee and excellent coffee.

Above all the excellent, great, and good cups of coffee, there is one coffee that is “the best”. We aren’t too bothered with finding that particular cup of joe, because that would be silly.

Chances are, the majority of coffee out there is somewhere between good and great. Our goal is to weed out the great from the average, the average from the bad, and the excellent from the mediocre. If nothing else, our goal is to bring flag the coffee that qualifies as genuinely bad.

Whether it’s the atmosphere, the aesthetic, or the brew — every shop has something worth experiencing. Whether you care or not, we are going to write about it.