Bob’s Java Hut

We rolled through Bob’s Java Hut on a mission, we wanted to get caffeinated and get some serious work done (on this blog). Our initial plan to work at the French Meadow fell through due to their lack of accessible outlets, which is how we ended up at Bob’s.

And, if nothing else, they have some nice outlets.

Bob’s Java Hut sticks out amongst the many storefronts on Lyndale. Located right beneath a tattoo shop that has some visually striking neon signs, Bob’s has a big garage door that can open up for warmer weather (or for sadistic purposes during colder weather) and gives the place a rusty biker stop aesthetic.


Along with many other bars, coffee shops, and filthy hipster hangouts of the 21st century, Bob’s has that part industrial, part vintage, part clean aesthetic that has become relatively ubiquitous. On the inside, there are vintage motorcycle posters advertising bikes and races dating back to the 1940s. The countertop has diamond patterned steel sheets bolted to the outside and a thick hardwood countertop.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all of this, Bob’s Java Hut has a nice vibe. A huge chalkboard menu, the bar’s hipster centric aesthetic, and a constant flow of mellow electronic and trip-hop makes Bob’s a pleasant place to hang out and work. And, again, they have lots of outlets.


The Coffee:

The coffee at Bob’s is perfectly good. We tried both the drip coffee and their cold brew, and both got the job done. The price point was pretty standard for what we’ve come to expect from an Uptown coffee joint, and the quality was also on par.

The specialty drinks at Bob’s seem like an interesting adventure. Neither of us got a specialty drink, but if you’re looking for something fun and interesting to go in/with your coffee or espresso, Bob’s has good options. While we were there one of the baristas was cooking up a blueberry syrup for their Berry Mocha, which features rotating flavors.


The Subjective X Factor:

Bob’s is pet friendly. The adorable golden retriever puppy that stopped in while we were working was rewarded for good behavior with a treat from the barista. As was the extremely friendly and obedient mutt that came in twenty minutes later, so the baristas like dogs, which is important.


Total: 3.83/5


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